Our Brands

Norland is part of a family of brands founded under its parent brand Norland International in 2013. Norland’s 30+ years of experience in the water equipment industry paved the way for ABE’s success and growth. Norland Pure is a subsidiary of Norland International.

Our Brands

ABE’s foundation was built on the success of its parent company, Norland International, a water equipment manufacturer. Since 2013, ABE has encompassed Norland’s commitment to ever-changing markets and providing worldwide beverage equipment solutions.

ABE, originally known as American Beer Equipment, changed its name to ABE Beverage Equipment in early 2020 to better reflect its all-encompassing lineup of beverage equipment solutions for nearly every beverage market. In 2022, they dropped the “Beverage” to reflect their adaptability to other markets outside the beverage industry.

Norland Pure, a water bottling company that serves the Lincoln, NE, area, is a Division of Norland International. Its primary purpose is to provide its customers with the greatest-tasting bottled water for the best value and deliver unmatched customer service.

Using all Norland International equipment, Norland Pure’s water is created at our Norland campus by an innovative, patented 5-Step process that includes steam distillation. Norland Pure specializes in offering local water delivery services to residential and commercial customers and custom-labeled bottled water.