Complete Plants

For 30 years, Norland has been the leading water equipment manufacturer of bottled water plants. Bottled Water Equipment Plants range from 500 gallons per day to 10,000 gallons per day. By teaming with Norland, your Complete Plant will be uniquely designed and constructed to meet your water production needs. The size of your water packaging plant depends on the market you intend to serve and the type of product you sell. For three and five gallon bottle markets we refer to as large bottle plants, while 500 ml to 1-gallon retail market we refer to as Small Bottling Equipment. 

Recently, brands have become increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Norland understands product packaging choices can significantly reduce waste and promote sustainability. Canned water has emerged as a compelling option for those who prioritize eco-friendly packaging. At Norland International, we offer several different categories of water packaging equipment. Use each separately or combine business models to supply several different markets.

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