Complete Bottling Plants

Norland Complete Water Plants range from 500 gallons per day to 10,000 gallons per day. Your bottled water plant will be uniquely designed and constructed to meet your needs by teaming with Norland. Our tenured sales team will help you determine your water equipment needs and work through everything you need to start or expand your business. We guide you through the entire process with layout and engineering services from degreed engineers, start-up, and training and support from our experienced customer service team.
The sizing of your plant depends on the market you intend to serve and the type of product you sell. At Norland International, we offer three different categories of water packaging equipment. Use each separately, or combine technologies to supply several different markets.

A. 3 and 5 gallon, large bottle, office and home delivery
B. 500 ml to 1 gallon retail market
C. The best of both worlds: Large and small bottles market

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