The Triton160 Large Bottle Filler automatically washes, fills and caps 3 gallon bottles or 5 gallon bottles. This innovative large bottle filling line provides years of reliable and trouble-free service for companies ranging from small to mid-sized operations. Three and gallon bottles of many styles can be simultaneously loaded without the need for equipment adjustments. This advanced water filling system offers oversized filter screens to minimize screen cleaning, reduce downtime, dual main fill and top-off valves, and many more features that make this all-in-one bottling line for sale ideal for new or expanding bottled water businesses. 


  • Fills Up to 160 BPH
  • Bottle washing, water filling, & bottle capping
  • Adjustable for a variety of container sizes
  • Automated small footprint
  • PLC Controlled System
  • Both washer and filler operate with same electrical connection
  • Injection pump for sanitizer and detergent

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