CraftCan Duo Series

The CraftCan Duo90 Canning Line offers all the great features of the CraftCan, but with more versatility and throughput. Norland’s proprietary 16-head dual-fill design allows you to fill two can sizes simultaneously! Even at more than twice the speed of the CraftCan35 Canning Machine, you won’t sacrifice accuracy or reliability. The CraftCan Duo Canning System is built with Norland’s patented Servo Seamer and offers real-time seam analysis to ensure precise and in-spec cans time-after-time.

The CraftCan Duo45 offers a throughput of up to 45 CPM and is upgradeable to the CraftCan Duo90 with a throughput of up to 90 CPM by adding the second lane as you and your business demand. Talk to your Norland representative to learn more about all our canning equipment options.

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