CraftCan Series

Every CraftCan Canning System is designed and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska. The CraftCan fills, lids and seams up to 15 or 35 cans per minute in a wide variety of aluminum cans to provide diversity for your brands. The CraftCan15 is easily upgradable to the CraftCan35 to increase throughput as your business grows.

The CraftCan is engineered with our patented Servo Seamer and real-time seam analysis to ensure precise and in-spec cans time-after-time. In addition, our filling and purging technology ensures low dissolved oxygen levels for a quality packaged product and improved shelf-life. Norland’s canning lines are innovative, versatile, and affordable; built to generate the profits your craft beverage business deserves.

  • CraftCan™ inline canners from 15 CPM – 90 CPM
  • Expandable options
  • Patented Servo Seamer
  • Easy changeover for different can sizes
  • UL compliant

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