Liberty150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler


The Liberty150 Unscrambler is specialty equipment designed to meet the demands of today’s high-speed bottled water production lines. Adjustable to accommodate different sizes of bottles, the Liberty150 automatically sorts and aligns up to 150 bottles per minute for precise and consistent delivery with no slow down to your water filling systems. Liberty150 has a heavy-duty and durable construction that requires minimal maintenance, thus assuring many years of dependable operation. Changeovers from one size bottle to another are as easy as pushing a single button on the control panel.


  • Compatible with bottling lines of any speed
  • Heavy-duty construction spotlights non-scarring contact surfaces virtually eliminate scuffing 
  • Pre-programmed settings for ease and repeatability of changeovers
  • Can handle most container shapes and orient containers ranging from 4 oz to 5 liters

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