Reverse Osmosis Systems


Produce low total dissolved solids from the tap or well water using high-efficiency reverse osmosis systems. Designed to fit the needs of your business, Norland International provides complete reverse osmosis water treatment solutions, including the addition of special pre-treatment, UV water treatment systems, and other options to ensure optimal functioning of the system. Ultra-filters and other specialized units are available. Beverage production, bottling, brewing, boiler feed, pharmaceutical, municipal, water reuse, food processing, and more use reverse osmosis treatment for their water purification

Ozone water treatment is another water purification technique that uses ozone gas to kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. Ozone is an unstable molecule with a highly reactive nature that makes it effective at killing waterborne pathogens. Ozone water treatment is typically used in water treatment plants and wastewater treatment systems, where it can be used to disinfect water prior to being released back into the environment. 


  • Standard systems produce 3,500 – 9,000 GPD
  • Sizes up to 28,800 GPD Available

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