30 Years of Growth – A Letter From Our Owners


We started Norland International in July 1993 with big ambitions. Our goal was to be the complete source for small to medium-sized companies in the beverage industry. At that time, our specialty was specifically bottled water. Prior to Norland’s inception, most of the bottled water plants were very large, highly capital-intensive, and located in large population areas.

Our vision was to develop equipment that would be suited for use in smaller-population areas while providing the same high-quality end product as the “bigger players”. Our goal was to be the complete solution for equipment by providing virtually everything our customers would need to operate. Instead of a customer purchasing a water treatment system from one source, a bottle filler from another, and a labeler from yet another (hoping and praying the equipment functioned properly together), customers could come to us for all equipment needs to function harmoniously. By making our equipment easy to install and operate, we were able to reach customers in remote areas of the globe and built a solid international reputation for service. When any equipment service or assistance is needed, regardless of location, the customer makes one call, and we provide immediate assistance.

When first exposed to the “craft” industry several years ago, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Our background in water equipment prepared us to help craft brewers and distillers grow their strengths and reach their dreams. As we expanded ABE Equipment into beer, spirits, and other beverages, we continued with the theme of being the single source supplier for all equipment and support needs. The product selections and diversity we have today are extensive but allow us to fully support customers moving into these beverage options. This diversity has allowed us to expand our current customers into new ventures of beverages, further expanding their sales and product lines.

Over the past 30 years of being in business, we have encountered several storms, the pandemic being the most recent. Even though these are unprecedented times with unforeseen challenges, we are in a terrific position to continue to serve entrepreneurs with their beverage packaging needs for many years to come. We thank our employees and customers for their continued support as we move into the next 30 years of business!

-Mike McFarland, Sam Nordhoff, Bruce Kucera & Adam Kosmick