The Global Demand For Water

Billions of consumers from every corner of the Earth thirst for bottled water. The amount of water in the world is limited. Although water covers about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, most areas are too salty to drink. Less than .05% of the water on our planet is available to humans. Today, a shortage of drinkable water is a severe concern, and over the next two decades, water use is expected to grow up to 50% above current levels.

Health concerns are driving bottled water consumption higher. Bottled water has become the leading beverage of choice for consumers who are avoiding carbonation, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine in their beverages. Many people fear drinking tap water because of disease exposure or consuming a toxic substance.

Over the last ten years, the bottled water market has grown by more than 73%, outperforming all other beverage categories. Expert industry analysts say the trends driving bottled water sales will continue to increase their influence on consumer buying habits. The growth potential for bottled water consumption worldwide is extraordinary, with predictions that the industry will top 460 Billion liters by 2030.

Developing innovative, economical equipment for small bottling operations has created business opportunities for every region and community worldwide. Before 1993, most water bottling equipment was suitable for large operations in major metropolitan areas. That year a group of entrepreneurs successfully launched a company to manufacture bottling equipment suitable for any size operation. These entrepreneurs were the founding members of Norland International, Sam Nordhoff, and Mike McFarland.

Over the last 30 years, Norland International has manufactured, installed, and serviced hundreds of customers across more than 100 countries. Businesses worldwide have grown to trust Norland as a reputable company with an established workforce and guiding principles. Norland’s equipment offerings have expanded beyond water to reach other beverage manufacturers with its launch of ABE Equipment in 2013. Read more about our Brands here.

The opportunities are limitless as the need for fresh water is real and exponential. If you are a water entrepreneur looking for quality equipment, look no further. Our team of experts is here to provide decades of insight and support as you grow your business. Contact us today, and experience a refreshing approach to your bottled water business.


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