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In the dynamic world of product packaging, labels serve as informative and promotional tools. Among the various label types available, pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs) have emerged as a versatile and popular choice for various industries. In this blog, we’ll touch on the advantages of pressure-sensitive labels to businesses and consumers alike.


Pressure-sensitive labels, often called self-adhesive labels, are made from layers of face stock (the label material), adhesive, and a release liner (a backing paper). These labels adhere to surfaces when pressure is applied, making them easy to apply by hand or by a labeling machine without additional adhesives, water, or heat.


1. Ease of Application
One of the most significant advantages of PSLs is their ease of application. These labels can be applied manually or through automatic labeling systems quickly and accurately. This efficiency in labeling can streamline production processes, reduce labor costs, and minimize errors. While on our site, look at Norland’s labeling machine videos to get an idea of how easily labels are applied.

2. Versatility
Pressure-sensitive labels are versatile and applicable on many surfaces, such as glass, plastic, metal, and paper. They adhere equally well to flat, curved, or irregularly shaped containers, making them suitable for various packaging types.
There are several different types of labeling machines that serve as bottle labelers and can labelers that accommodate these round container shapes. The versatility of bottle labeling machines makes them suitable for a wide range of applications across diverse industries and markets.

3. Customization and Branding
PSLs offer limitless customization options in design, size, shape, and color, allowing businesses to create labels that align with their branding and marketing strategies, helping products stand out on the shelf, and effectively communicating critical information. Furthermore, owning your own labeling equipment allows you to maintain quality control over your packaging process, giving you greater oversight and ensuring consistent standards.

4. Durability
Pressure-sensitive labels are known for their durability and moisture, chemicals, and UV exposure resistance, making them suitable for products that may encounter challenging environmental conditions, such as food and beverage packaging.

5. Cost-Effectiveness
PSLs are often more cost-effective than other labeling methods like in-mold labeling or shrink sleeves. They require minimal setup and do not necessitate additional processing steps, such as heat shrinking or adhesive curing.

6. Waste Reduction
PSLs generate less waste than other labeling methods requiring backing papers or excess materials, which aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the environmental impact of packaging.

7. Instant Adhesion
Pressure-sensitive labels offer instant adhesion, eliminating the need for drying time or curing processes. Speed is precious, particularly in industries where speed is crucial, such as pharmaceuticals or fast-moving consumer goods.

8. Information Accessibility
The clarity and precision of PSL printing make it easy for consumers to access important product information, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and usage instructions. This aids in consumer decision-making and enhances trust in the product.

9. Tamper-Evidence
Many pressure-sensitive labels have tamper-evident features, such as frangible films or security cuts. These features provide visual cues to consumers, assuring them that the product has not been tampered with.

10. Quick Lead Times and Low Order Minimum Quantities
Generally, the time it takes to procure new PSLs is relatively low compared to an embossed design, a screen-printed container, or other branding methods. Allowing your company to be nimble and make needed changes relatively quickly. Also, these labels can be purchased in meager quantities, so low-run quantities and testing are much easier to accomplish without waste.

11. Applicating Machine Cost
Compared to an in-line screen printer, shrink wrap machine or other equipment, pressure-sensitive label applicators are affordable and versatile, capable of running several different sizes and materials with little to no extra equipment.


Pressure-sensitive labels have become an essential tool in the packaging arsenal, offering businesses a cost-effective, versatile, and highly customizable solution. With their durability, ease of application, and ability to convey brand identity and product information effectively, pressure-sensitive labels help products make a lasting impression on consumers while simplifying production processes for manufacturers. Whether in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industries, PSLs are a versatile and valuable asset to any packaging strategy.

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