Spring Water Treatment Systems


  • Treat 15 – 90 GPM

Norland designs these purification systems to treat a wide range of water qualities encountered from wells and springs. Treating well water includes Norland’s Five-Step Process, which you can read about here.

Norland International can design a water filtration machine to fit your exact needs best. The Spring Water Pretreatment System (SWPT) uniquely removes particulates and biological contaminants commonly found in groundwater using media filtration (water filtration), ultra-fine filters, and UV treatment.

  • Multimedia Filter removes particulates to 20 microns
  • Sand/Spin Filter removes particulates to 100 microns
  • Absolute Cartridge Filter removes particulates and cysts to 1 micron
  • UV System reduces viruses and bacteria
  • DGD Filter removes particulates to 1 micron nominal


Electrical: 1 Phase, 120 volt *other options may be available

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